Monday, April 11, 2011

Right amount of red

February 13, 2011 Post
Red has become a staple color of clothing for me and my family. It’s our “uniform” for all birthdays, Christmas, New year, grand openings, and parties.  For some unknown reason though, I find red pieces a scarcity in my closet. I just don’t choose it over the other infinite colors available when shopping. Things changed after this red corset caught my eye. My face instantly lit up and I knew I just had to take it home with me. My excuse for buying it was… I needed it for merry red occasions! And true enough, I did. We had dinner the other night for my grandma’s birthday and here’s what I wore.

Forever 21 corset/Thrifted cardigan/MNG floral pants/Melissa shoes/Lancel tote

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